As a family-owned, medium-sized company, we have always stood for long-term commitment, personal interaction with our staff and customers and flexibility in all matters.

Our mission is built on these fundamental characteristics. Our focus lies on expansion and networking, a digital exchange of information and For us,:

Our goal is to successfully strengthen our market position over the long term, beyond our national borders. This includes further consolidating our load network in order to increase our efficiency and to sustainably protect the environment.

Another key aspect is a digital exchange of information, which will become increasingly important in the future. We aim at continuously improving in this regard, so we’re already working on providing more information digitally today.

We are further focussing on sustainability in all our actions. For us,this means for example retaining current and future employees by way of training, qualification and by offering an ideal work environment.




The goals of our customers are our top priority - because our customers’ success is our success, too. We achieve this by committing to absolute punctuality and by receiving and implementing individual customer requests at any time. Our highly-skilled employeesensure reliable and punctual delivery every day, thanks to their expertise and experience. Our highly extensive qualitymanagement system helps us record and manage all aspects of our company. Together with our employees, it is our key to success

Moreover, sustainable and environmentally-conscious action is paramount to our company.and our work. To that end, we rely on state-of-the-art vehicle technology and the ideal use of all our resources.

Our employees further appreciate that we we personally look after their interests an excellent work atmosphereThis ensures an ideal work atmosphere, which in turn makes us an attractive employer.

All these factors - our philosophy - ensure that we’re a successful player on the market, today and in the future.

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1990Leipziger Logistik & Lagerhaus GmbH is founded just after the collapse of the GDR
1991Rental of a warehouse in Leipzig as company premises
1992Opening of a city office in Baden-Baden
1993Construction of the Leipzig headquarters and acquisition of premises of 3.5 ha
1994An independent office in Karlsruhe Westbahnhof is founded
1996Construction of additional warehouses at the Leipzig premises with a total area of 15,000 sqm
1998Expansion of the truck fleet to over 40 trucks and shift to combined transport
2000Founding of a society for metalwork, switch of the IT equipment to state-of-the-art technology
2001Relocation of Leipziger Logistik & Lagerhaus Südwest GmbH from Karlsruhe to Ettlingen and increase of warehouse capacity to 3,000 sqm
2002Leipziger Ettlingen joins the ILN International Logistics Network; construction of an external warehouse in Ettlingen with a storage area of 5,000 sqm
2003Construction of another priming plant for iron casting in Leipzig
2005Rental of another warehouse complex with a storage area of 5,000 sqm in Leipzig
2006Construction of a blasting facility for iron casting for parts of up to 2 m in diameter, with a maximum load of 2 tonnes
2007Expansion and modernisation of the fleet for long-haul transport to 50 trucks, shift to EURO 5 standard
2008Construction of a storage area of 2,000 sqm in Leipzig
2009Expansion of the warehouse complex by another 2,000 sqm in Leipzig for constructing beverage displays
2010Opening of the Rodgau office, associated with an increase of storage area by 10,000 sqm; Expansion of the company-owned fleet to 95 tractor units
2011Founding of another corporation in Hamburg; Construction of a 4,000 sqm warehouse in Hamburg
2012Construction of a sorting and repairing plant in Ettlingen with a yearly capacity of 2.5 mio DD pallets; Construction of a 8,500 sqm external warehouse in Ettlingen
2013Shift of the entire fleet to EURO 6 standard and introduction of dual-fuel trucks running on LPG and diesel equally
2014Relocation of the Hamburg corporation; establishment of an external warehouse in Dietzenbach with a total storage space of 5,000 sqm
2015Interconnection of all company sites via IT and on the roads; Major focus on crossover traffic between the sites; A major client orders 12 promotion trucks with EURO 5 dual-fuel engines; first trade fair participation by the Leipziger Group at the Transport Logistic fair in Munich
2016Construction of another warehouse in Leipzig with a capacity of 2,000 sqm; renovation and modernisation of several buildings on the Leipzig premises
2017Rental of 6,600 sqm of storage space in Zwenkau near Leipzig in order to manage an increased order volume, construction of a 1,800 sqm warehouse in Leipzig; Second nomination for the German Großer Preis des Mittelstandes, awarded to selected medium-sized companies
2018Third nomination and finalist’s award for the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes
2019Fourth nomination and winner’s award for the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes and badge of honour for the most impressive winners of 2019; Construction of two additional warehouses with a total of 3,600 sqm on the Leipzig premises; Expansion of the fleet to 140 company-owned vehicles, shift from diesel to CNG starting in September; Introduction of an ERP system with a storage space management system, founding of Leipziger Garten- und Baumpflege (gardening and tree care)
2020Construction of another warehouse with 2,400 sqm in Leipzig and expansion of the administrative building in Leipzig; 25 company-owned CNG-powered vehicles, already by the second quarter; Purchase of thermo trailers for transporting fresh and frozen goods; Nomination for the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes; Appointment of Mr Matthias Krause as CEO of Leipziger Südwest and Mr Marcel Kirste as CEO for Leipziger Leipzig; Appointment of Günter Bauer to the Federal Economic Senate; 30-year company anniversary with currently over 240 employees at Leipziger
2021Sixth nomination for the Großer Preis des Mittelstandes